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Kathy Huber

July 18 @ 3:31 pm


July 18, 2024
3:31 pm



Ponderosa's Latest Status

If you are interested in serving your community as a Ponderosa Trustee and Board Member, please contact the Ponderosa office. Trustee’s responsibilities can be found in the Bylaws 2.2.


Law Enforcement or Medical Emergency

RiverCom 911

Call : 9-1-1

Ponderosa Community Club Emergency

Primary Emergency #

(509) 860-6697

Comments About Admin & Finance Reports

  1. See board feedback.

Comments About Ponderosa Signs

  1. Too many signs. Just because you put them up doesnt mean people read them. They should be safety only.
  2. One way signs on COLT ROAD need to be clearer or increase number. I see too many people going the wrong way.  Speeding on COLT ROAD continues to be an issue.
  3. Clean and maintain walking shoulders of the roads.

Comments About The Swimming Pool

  1. Pool has been super cold this year a couple of different times and to the point where my kids (or myself) would not or could not go in or stay in. We pay for this amenity and the heat should be fixed or the heaters replaced to resolve. Other families have also had this issue.
  2. Provide a pool monitor to control garbage, reckless behavior etc.
  3. Pool was cold many times this summer and we could not use it. This is one of the reasons we purchased in the Pondo community and it impacted our summer.

Comments About President's Communication

  1. Mary Cox used to send out regular, and informative communication. She would talk about the weather forecasts, upcoming events, and actually make them sound like fun.
  2. I think there should be more push notifications that alert people to login to check on new items or posts. Can’t just login everyday to check on changes. Gets to be a pain.

Comments About the Playground

  1. I believe we could add more activities.

Comments About The Clubhouse

  1. We should add some non summer activities such as pool table, pingpong, indie games etc.
  2. Daily access for members with pool card access. Pool table, reading area etc. Winter time gathering area for coffee, conversation etc…

Comments About The Office

  1. The office should have a presence on the weekends – at the very least on Saturday. So many people need to communicate with the office on weekends and it isn’t open.
  2. Anytime I’ve dealt with the office, it’s not been a pleasant experience. I’m a resident here, I pay my dues and I’m not sure why we get treated like second class citizens. I have replied to a few emails that have come from the office but they’re ignored. I don’t get why.
  3. Improve Response time of email requests.

Comments About Board Communications

  1. I would like to see more updates and communications from the BOD.
  2. When asking for approvals to spend the money that is the budget (like $60k just asked for), I’d appreciate to see report on what options we considered.
    Example: Is the roof replacement based on just one quote or a few, and can we see those quotes? If not, why?
  3. Communication tends to be passive. This has been an ongoing issue for a number of years. The recent updates from the President have been a big improvement. Sometimes you have to reach out, via email updates for example, and not require members to hunt for info on the website.
    Also please continue to have the Board Meetings available on ZOOM. This has been a big help as well.

Comments About Snow Plowing & Sanding

  1. Why do they ALWAYS plow huge berms in front of our driveway, usually AFTER I have cleared it to get out! The other side of the street does NOT have traffic so why can’t they use some common sense and courtesy and plow to the other side?
  2. More sand on both up and down the hill.
  3. There is a way to get it done without it looking like a war zone. Also, you could be more courteous to residents by not putting huge berms in front of their driveways.
  4. The truck skips the corral road to the right of the mailboxes off stetson. We need it sanded regularly and especially when garbage pickup on Monday am. We had several times where we could not get garbage pickup in the winter last year. Also, we saw other cars and a tow truck get stuck but when sand was added it was resolved.
  5. Plow more frequently and lay salt so we don’t have and inch of ice on the roads all winter.
  6. The plowing makes a massive berm in front of all drives. Perhaps having someone come through and push the berm to one side of the drive would be helpful for those not able to knock the berm down prior to it freezing. In addition, we understand bus routes are the key, but services like garbage, have trouble accessing the hills during heavy snow fall. It would be nice to have the hills sanded and cared for after these larger snow falls ahead of garbage pickup.
  7. We had several instances of Corral not being sanded at our end and the garbage truck would not come to our houses despite being in the neighborhood. This led to garbage backup. Additionally, there is a treacherous, icy hill/corner on Corral as it turns onto the Shetland corner that was not sanded regularly. Finally, we saw other cars get stuck on our road due to icy conditions and once sand was spread, the car could travel on the road. We would like Corral/Shetland roads sanded regularly like all of the other roads and also priority on Monday AM for garbage pickup.

Comments About Road Surface & Quality

  1. Roads bread up fast, especially in the Winter time. It takes too long to fill them in and in the mean time, the potholes get so bad, they can cause traffic hazards.
  2. Loose gravel on stirrup could be fixed as it’s been a while.
  3. The amount of potholes, thinness of the chipseal layer exposed by them, was shocking this year. The base looked shabby as well. Whoever did the roadwork initially did a poor job; it should have lasted much longer before it strted falling apart. aaathe exeption would be the hill where there is ground water, although there should have been some mitigation completed on that so it doesnt reoccur.
  4. Pot holes on upper Bridle need to be filled in again.

Comments About Dust Control

  1. Oil and/or sweep the streets more than once a year. There are WAY too many needles on the roads which can be a fire hazard as well as causing too much dust on them.
  2. The street sweeper should rented or hired more than the once per year in the spring. Pin needles and other debris accumulate too and can be slippery, especially when walking. They can also mask holes or dips potentially causing falls.